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 The Executive Series

Best in class HYBRID - SMALL FORMAT | HIGH PERFORMANCE CNC. Unmatched performance to future-proof your business.

executive series model 8

​The Executive Series is built with a steel frame, closed loop servo motors, large ballscrews, linear rails, and dual ceramic bearings spindle, ensuring high performance, accuracy, and rigidity.

​Unparalleled Performance

Ready to use with a simple UI and 220V 10A power requirements. Our unique SmartBox guides you to achieve professional-level quality and productivity.

Ease of Use

Built with premium components from leading industry partners and designed with upgradability options like laser engraving, a 4th axis, and 3D probing, the Executive Series is ready for the evolving challenges of your business.


​Engineered for low power consumption, low noise levels, and effective dust extraction for environmentally-friendly operations.

Built For The Environment

With finance packages offered through our competence centers, you can repay your monthly costs in just a few days of operations.

Quick ROI

One Machine For All

Capable of machining a wide range of materials from wood and plastics to aluminum and steel. Available in three sizes, features large working areas for a variety of applications.

cnc safety and compliance

​Our robust guarding systems and focus on safety have been approved after rigorous auditing processes, ensuring the protection of your investment and your team.

​Safety and Compliance

the executive series

The Indisputable Choice

The question isn't why you should own one, but rather, why you haven't already embraced The Executive Series to elevate your operations.

High rigidity steel frame 

high rigidity steel frame