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Welcome to the dawn of the fifth industrial revolution.

This is where human aspirations stand at the forefront of innovation. We're rooted in the belief that every business, irrespective of size, should have the capability to produce quality parts in-house. Our technology champions this vision, driving forward entrepreneurship and strengthening local communities. 

Swedish Biathlon Team

Emil Nykvist

“We did a CNC machined gun. And now, if I need, I can do a copy. It´s the best thing. It´s easy to change the grips, and it´s easy to have a copy if something happens. Maybe in the future we can start selling the guns because we think it´s one of the best guns in the world.”


Erik Larsson

“We saw that we can cut the time from idea to final product or prototype. Being able to make prototypes and even manufacture our own things and cut the supply chain is very important to us, both economics and time-wise. Now we´re like addicted to CNC and there´s no end of possibilities of what we can do.”


Martin Vares

“The combination of 5.0 Robotics and Fractory is a very powerful tool that enables anybody who is interested in manufacturing to start their own manufacturing business.”

​The Executive Series

Unmatched performance to future-proof your business.


Trusted by an F1 team, yet accessible and user-friendly for all.


Upgrade and evolve with accessories tailored to your business.


Designed with YOU in mind.

Discover our versatile solutions that cater to every need:

One solution for ALL, both easy to use and affordable.

Dive in, explore our range, and select the perfect robotic companion for your business.

5.0 robotic

Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of 5.0 ROBOTICS.

Each of our CNC is meticulously designed, manufactured, and assembled by us, following a 'one man one robot' philosophy from start to finish.

This commitment to excellence is why a leading F1 team chooses us as their trusted partner.

Experience the difference that precision and dedication can make.

Precision Crafted Production Robots


We believe in the power of visual storytelling to showcase our client's success stories and the vast possibilities of our production technology. Here, we make advanced robotic technology relatable and understandable for everyone. So, expect something different from your usual industrial product website. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and dive into the exciting world of the 5th Industrial Revolution with us. Enjoy the show!


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Explore the experiences and feedback shared by our valued customers. Discover how our robots and services elevated their operations.

PTG Design

Pieter Theron

"Model 8 is the Apple of the #CNCrouterindustry with its attention to the details and the capability."

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